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VibraCussor® Therapy in Omaha

We offer VibraCussor® Therapy. VibraCussor® is a tool we use that penetrates deep within the body’s tissues, stimulating your body’s own healing properties, stimulating your body’s own healing properties, and is used to loosen tissues in the body.  

The benefits of VibraCussor® Therapy are numerous.  This therapy can benefit your joints, muscles, nervous sytem, etc.

VibraCussor® is great for the long run.  Using it to keep your body’s functions working efficiently keeps you active longer and feeling good.  Patients that have undergone VibraCussor® report having positive emotional changes, which in turn prevents stress form overtaking the body and tightening it back up.  


You will find that you will get sick less often as immune system will function better and allow you to fight off diseases before they take you down.


If you would like to make an appointment, please call our office to schedule: 402-676-9544.

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Patient Reviews

"Great care. Actually assesses the needs of your body, instead of snap-crackle-popping everything like some chiropractors do. Also, prayerful."

10506 Burt Circle

Heartland Family Practice

14421 Dupont Ct.

Bryan Voithofer, D.C.

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